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Citizens and entities that require the certification of a document to be used in a foreign country must use the apostille or certification service, as corresponds. The purpose of the apostille or certification, issued by the Department of State, is to authenticate the signatures of public officials on documents to be used outside Puerto Rico.

For Hague Convention countries, an apostille is issued in accordance with the mentioned convention. In the case of non-Hague Convention countries, a certification is issued instead of an apostille.

Some of the documents that required apostilles or certifications are:

  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • Transfer of corpses, birds, animals, and medicines
  • Credit transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Credits Transcript
  • Criminal Records Certifications
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Deeds

The original document or certificate must be original. In the case of public deeds, you must present the certified copy duly issued by the notary public with the corresponding stamps cancelled.

How to certify documents that will be used outside of Puerto Rico?

  • Each document that must be certified required a $3.00 internal revenue stamp.
  • To file the certification you must visit you must go to the Certifications and Regulations Division, located in the first floor of the Real Intendency Building.

How to request an apostille or certification by mail when I am outside of Puerto Rico?

If you are not in Puerto Rico and need to apostille or certify a document issued on the Island that will be used abroad, you must make the request by mail. Here we show you how.

  • Send the original documents
  • Buy internal revenue stamps (code 5120)
  • Purchase Internal Revenue stamps (Code R5120) for $3.00 for each document
  • Send a letter indicating where the documents are going to be used
  • Send a pre-addressed envelope with the exact address where your requested documents will be received.
  • Mail it to:

Department of State
Oficina de Certificaciones y Reglamentos
Apartado 9023271
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902