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Registration and Licensing Office

Registration and Licensing Office

Legal base

Law No. 212-2018 created the Board of Postsecondary Institutions(JIP) attached to the Department of State and transferred to said Board and theSecretary of State faculties and responsibilities previously attended by theCouncil of Education of Puerto Rico with respect to registration of privatebasic educational institutions and the licensing of post-secondary educationalinstitutions that operate in Puerto Rico.

In the Department of State, the Office of Registration and Licensing of Educational Institutions (ORLIE) is in charge of supporting the Secretary and the Board in the fulfillment of the duties and functions that the Law entrusted to them. This Office is in charge, among others, of the following functions and services:
  • Safeguard the credit transcripts of students who have graduated from institutions that have closed operations and delivered the academic records to the Department of State.
  • Manage the allocation of state scholarship program funds to students at post-secondary institutions.
  • Coordinate the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements(SARA) for Puerto Rico.
  • Collect and publish statistics from private basic education institutions and public and private post-secondary institutions.

Services (for citizens or educational institutions)

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