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Requirements for the issuance of proclamations:

  • One of the objectives of the proclamations is to educate the people on topics that may benefit the community in some social aspects. The topics of the requested proclamations must be of interest to one or more sectors of our population, and must include updated data.
  • The request for the issuance of a proclamation must be submitted on this form at least sixty (60) working days prior to the date the proclamation is to be issued.
  • The petitioner must represent a considerably large sector of the population, must submit information and evidence of the legal character of the institution and present a suggested draft of the proclamation.
  • The petitioner must carry out a work of favorable impact for the citizenr and that assist the socio-economic development of Puerto Rico, and must submit information or evidence that demonstrates such participation for the benefit of the Puerto Rican people.
  • The petitioner must specify the theme, campaign, program or special activities to be carried out on the occasion of the period to be recognized by proclamation.
  • No more than one proclamation on the same topic (closely related topics) shall be issued for different or a single organization.
  • No more than one proclamation on the same topic (closely related topics) will be issued on different dates.
  • The Governor shall not issue proclamations to private, quasi-private or for-profit individuals or entities, or to any others in which there is or could appear to be any conflict of interest.

Formalities for signing and delivery of the proclamation

  • The Governor signs the proclamation several days before delivering it, and it does not necessarily mean that he will deliver it in ceremony.
  • The Governor may delegate the issuance and delivery of the proclamation, or both, to the Secretary of State or a subordinate.
  • For greater dissemination of the proclamation, it may be handed out at an activity carried out by the petitioner
  • The time, day and place of delivery of the proclamation in ceremony may vary according to the schedule of the person upon whose shoulders such function falls.
  • If an award ceremony is to be held in a government instrumentality, the petitioner shall submit a list of invitees, which shall consist of all the sectors related to the subject matter of the proclamation. Said list shall be submitted five (5) working days in advance.