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Administrative Documents

Administrative Documents

Administrative documents are available on the Department of State's website so that our citizens always have the most relevant information at hand.


One of the objectives of the proclamations is to educate the people on topics that may benefit the community in some social aspects. The topics of the requested proclamations must be of interest to one or more sectors of our population, and must include updated data.

Executive Orders

The Executive Order is an instrument of the Governor derived from the exercise of executive power by force of law, whereby the Governor issues an order to an Executive Branch entity.


This window is used to generate a search in the Electronic Registry of Bylaws registered with the Department of State.


Through internships, the Department of State provides practical experience for university students in different areas of specialization such as: trademarks, corporations, intellectual property, foreign relations, among others.

Reconstruction Council Reports

In order to identify and recommend the various critical reconstruction projects and their level of priority, the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Council is hereby created by Executive Order.


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Proposed Bylaws

Department regulations for comment, available for 30 days.