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Physical Address

Department of State
Calle San José esq. San Francisco
Old San Juan, PR 00902

Mailing Address

Department of State
Assistant Secretary of Examining Boards
Chemists Examining Board
‍P.O. Box 9023271 San Juan, PR 00902-3271


Mr. Jomar A. Santos
Phone: 787-722-2122, ext. #4315

Legal Basis

Act No. 97 of June 4, 1983, as amended.


  • Lcdo. José R. López Colmenares - President
  • Lcda. María Del R. Vega Álvarez - Vicepresident
  • Lcdo. José A. Pacheco Velázquez - Secretary
  • Rebeca Soler Rodríguez - Member
  • Lcdo. Carlos M. Vélez Pereira - Member
  • Dra. Rita E. Koett Rosas - Member

Revalidation Planning

For dates of revalidation, exams, licenses and license renewals, please visit For more information, please call Didaxis at 787-296-8385.

Accreditation of Courses and Activities Taken in Special Organizations (Download)
Resolution 2022-001 - Clarifying the Exemption from Continuing Education Program Requirements for Professional Chemists who have remained inactive(Download)
Continuing Education Exemption Form (Download)
Licensed Chemists List (Download)

Boards Resolutions
2024-001 - Grade Equivalency Clarificaction (Spanish Only (Download)


All interested applicants for Reasonable Accommodation must file an application using the forms established by Regulation No. 6463 of May 22, 2002.