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Examining Boards
Designers - Interior Decorators

Designers - Interior Decorators

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Physical Address

Department of State
Calle San José esq. San Francisco
Old San Juan, PR 00902

Mailing Address

Department of State
Assistant Secretary of Examining Boards
Board of Examiners of Interior Decorators-Designers
P.O. Box 9023271, San Juan, PR 00902-3271


Ms. Lissette González
Phone: 787-722-2122, ext. #4307


  • Mrs. Ingrid Velázquez Ruiz
  • Mrs. Rosario Lecároz Vázquez
  • Mrs. Connie E. Duprey Jiménez
  • Mrs. Nirmaliz Rodríguez Pérez
  • Mrs. Sandra Becerra Suárez

Legal Basis

Act No. 125 of June 8, 1973, as amended.

Dates of revalidation

For dates of revalidation and to request an exam, please visit the web page For more information you can call Didaxis at 787-296-8385.

The exam review has a cost equivalent to half the cost of the exam. The review of the theoretical part is based exclusively on verifying that it has been corrected according to the key. The review of the practical part, since it is a performance exam, will consist of checking the evaluation sheet.

Any applicant interested in Reasonable Accommodation must submit an application using the forms established by Regulation No. 6463.

Concept Total
Theoretical Examination $100.00
Practical Examination $60.00
  • Regulation No. 6463 of May 22, 2002 for the Evaluation of Reasonable Accommodation (Download)
  • Resolution 2018-001(Download)