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Trade Missions

Trade Missions

Trade missions are carried out to identify additional business opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Recently, the Department of State participated in several multi-sector trade missions coordinated with the Department of Economic Development and Commerce.

Dominican Republic

For this trade mission, some twenty Puerto Rican companies from various economic sectors traveled to the Dominican Republic to offer their goods and services. The agenda of this business event included meetings with potential Dominican clients and activities with business organizations.


More than 50 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs participated in this trade mission to Spain. During this business meeting, local entrepreneurs had the opportunity to explore possible business opportunities in the European market. Participants had an agenda of business appointments for their services and products, workshops where legal and logistics issues were discussed, among other topics.


Along side a delegation of 18 Puerto Rican entrepreneurs, various activities and meetings were conducted in Panama during the commercial mission with the aim of establishing new business agreements between both destinations. In total, over 150 business meetings were held, along with official meetings between officials from the government of Puerto Rico and Panama.